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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

5 best photo editing apps

We all have become photographers in this digital age. What sets apart most casual smartphone and tablet photographers are the editing apps they use. If your tablet malfunctions just when you're about to take the perfect picture, services like Asus Tablet Repairs will be perfect for you then. The editing apps come in a wide variety of functions and features. Check out the top 5 editor apps available on Android and iOS.

This free editor boasts over 2 million permutations of effects, filters and overlays along with an auto-fix feature to balance colours. You can put together collages with options for background, spacing and layout. You can combine together two pictures or more and create unique looks using double exposure. Add captions and text to emphasise story and share to the social media of your choice with a few taps.

This fully functional and professional editor is developed by Google. You can predictably tweak native camera files and the unique ‘Control Point’ technology allows you to assign different enhancements to 8 points on the screen. The HDR scape function gives you a multiple exposure effect and you can assign vignettes, lens blur or boost details in selective shadows, midtones and highlights. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
This app is crafted from Photoshop level technology and allows you to bring advanced editing options to your tablet or smartphone. A built in camera app offers you more freedom from one tap presets to advanced options. As the photos are captured in DNG format, specially created pre-sets can be applied. You can revert back to your original photo after heavy editing with one tap and these can be copied across photos too.

Filterstorm Neue
This app allows you to edit with masking tools and pre-loaded filters. Curves and masking allow dodging and burning of photos. A 10 step undo process, IPTC Metadata and sets as well as code replacement will appeal to the technically sound.

This impressive app offers precise control over most of the standard editing options. You can doodle and write on your images as well as add decals and special effects. You can overlay two pictures using the Photo Mixer while the Clone/ Heal tool allows you to efficiently remove defects.

Of course, you can also damage your devices while trying to get that amazing click to edit. Don't throw your device away if you do, try out Asus Replacement Parts for a quick solution.

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