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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sony Xperia XA Ultra: Everything You need to Know about it

Sony Xperia XA Ultra smartphone has been already launched a few months ago and it was a boom among the tech enthusiasts. Sony is among the top names for bringing out some quality collection of Smartphones and the latest addition in its series was Sony Xperia XA Ultra. This is primarily a selfie phone known for its 16 megapixel camera. Even though selfie phones are nothing new in the market, this one surely made a place in the market with its remarkable features. Before the description start, we want to tell you that these are the phones that focus mainly on the working of the camera and the functioning of the flashlight. Apparently, you can expect some great photo editors and camera apps in these phones.

As for the Sony Xperia XA Ultra, this is a new 6.00-inch touchscreen display that comes with the resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Powered by Sony Xperia XA Ultra, this octa-core MediaTek Helio P10MT6755 processor comes with 3 GB of RAM. Sony cell phone parts Canada providers find it a must have a phone.

With a 16 MP low-light front camera, the Xperia XA Ultra Boasts an ultimate selfie cam for the poses. Day or night, you can go flawless with your picks. With the 16-megapixels and the renowned low-light sensor, you get blur-free, sharp, and bright shots at any time of the day. The phone accumulates the rear camera of 21.5MP. The Smart selfie flash on the phone naturally illuminates the face and the background area. To deal with the shaky images there is an Optical image stabilization that will compensate for the hand moments even during the night.

The amazing part here is – there is a gesture shutter associated with the camera. Raise a hand and the shutter time will start making the count. This gives you the ample amount of time to pose for the camera. The rear camera features have a smart autofocus setting that lets you go for the quick launch.

With 16 GB of internal phone storage, the phone even has the capacity to expand up to 200GB. The battery is 2700 mAh which is a little poor as compared to the features of the phone. However, the battery is quick chargeable and it can give the life of 5.5 hours in just 10 minutes.

If you are looking for something like a phone that excels in camera feature then go for this one. The Sony parts Toronto providers have a thumbs-up for this phone.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blackberry is all set to hit the market with ‘Mercury’

Blackberry is back and has chosen February to launch its new smartphone at Mobile World Congress. The new Blackberry Mercury is an Android Phone and is made for the people who are still fond of using the blackberry keyboard. The phone also features the Blackberry suite of secure applications such as BBM says the Blackberry accessories providers. 

The phone is said to be having a uniqueness that comprises a fingerprint sensor that is embedded into the spacebar. That is an excellent feature as it not following the old fingerprint sensor given at the back of most smartphones. 

 The User Interface of the device is likely to be those Android ones, but Blackberry has given a touch of its OS as well. The phone comes with the pre-installed application such as Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Blackberry Hub and DTEK by Blackberry.

It is a promising try by TCL which now produces Blackberry Smartphones to come back to the market with Android 7.0 Nougat, and some other highlighting features like a 4.5-inch rectangular screen, Full HD Display, 3 GB RAM & 32 GB Storage, 3400mAh Battery, 18 Megapixels Rear camera and LED Flash. Customizable Convenience Key adds to a merit of the smartphone. 

The design will be distinguished a little bit as now it is not built by Blackberry but TCL. TCL has pledged to launch many new smartphones, and the first one has been revealed. TCL has bought up the license to Blackberry. Now TCL can produce and sell phones with Blackberry Brand Name without any allegation.

Previous outcomes of Blackberry coming back to the market haven’t been successful that much. Blackberry Mercury looks more promising adding to the fact that it has been first time manufactured by TCL. There will be lot more hidden secrets about the phone when it gets released. There is still hope for Blackberry to outstand in the market for its customers and Blackberry phone repair technician. 

To be more precise on when this new Blackberry Mercury device will launch, it is likely to launch 25th February at Mobile World Conference (MWC). So let the date gets fixed for the Blackberry lovers and smartphone followers to look upon what new Blackberry Mercury has to offer.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

10 paid iPhone apps for sale

Today, we are living fast and technology based life. Apps play the most essential part in our life. Hence, today’s tech savvy people eager to know about the fresh paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Here, we are going to show you some newest and lucrative apps. These apps are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made obtainable at no cost for a specific time by their creators.

MagicShrink app helps to compress all your JPEG photos lossless, and gives extra 10% free space from original file size. If you don’t be concerned about super quality you can use lossy*- compression to obtain even more space says the iPhone repair Mississauga technicians. 

Its features make it different from other, see below:

You can find smart algorithm which makes lossless compression simply

Get lossy compression to reduce data size for storage, transmitting, and handling content.
Find the best batch image processing

It preserves the exif data

Guide Roofie by gorgeous, contemplative rooftops and strive to find the correct colour energy balls into the appropriate slots to crack the puzzle. But be careful — the architecture varies as you interrelate with it, so think ahead. Every tread you take may lead you nearer to the goal, or catch you on the rooftop forever claims the iPhone screen repair Mississauga providers

See some significant features of Roofbot:

You can explore lovely audio and fantastic handmade architecture while trying to discover ever-more crafty puzzles.
You can work your way at the rooftops and challenge against the uber-bot, who is covetously funnelling away all of the power, causing bug after dangerous bug.
Roofbot is playing easily, gamer just swipe in the way you need to go. But getting to success is not so simple!

It is an award winning app. With this app you can Design, Plan, Visualize, and Schedule. You need to grow up your Instagram account, enhance your brand awareness, raise your engagement rate and enhance sales. PLANN is an influential Instagram tool for visually preparation, previewing, conducting and scheduling your Instagram feed in advance – proven to enhance the development of your followers, increase engagement rates and create stronger sales.

Plann, award winning scheduling app was made by an advertising specialist with an unbelievable passion for the Instagram community. This amazing app helps to simplify your content management and line up to your content schedule.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Top 4 android apps to back up your data

Life gets so easy when you have an operating system like android. Health, lifestyle, news, management, there are various apps that can help you manage things in a better way. However, one issue that most of the android users face is the data backup. So, if you are facing one such issue, this write-up is going to guide you for sure. Picking out the best apps among many, here you have a thoroughly compiled list for the same:

Ultimate Backup
The first one on the list is a Titanium Backup app which has all the tools for the user to backup their data. However, these backup apps are pretty much for the root users only as the tools for the non-rooted users is a bit less. With this, you can backup applications with the app data. Even backup with cloud storage is available for this phone. In case, you are rooted, this is a great app to install and use. 

Super Backup
Simple backup is another great app for the data backup. Available at $1.99, this app works best for backing up the contacts, SMS, bookmarks, calendars and a few other things. The users can smoothly define the location of the backup. However, there are few reports of a little error, but that is too small for this splendid app. The HTC parts Canada providers recommend it to the users very well. 

My Backup
My backup is a great alternative to the Titanium app as it acted well for the backing up the apps, photos, music videos, call logs, SMS, and various other directories. Using the free version the backup can be done using an external SD card. However, with the professional version, you can backup to any of your Android devices via the account backup, cloud storage, and restore to the computer. It works for all the android based phones and is leveraged by HTC phone repair technicians too.

Helium is one of those backup apps that root users can use without worrying at all. The premium version is available at the cost of $4.99 and you can sync apps between Android devices and back to restore from cloud storage like Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. It has been around for quite some time now and HTC accessories Canada providers trust it for the backup process. 

So, download any of the apps mentioned above and you can start the backup process with complete ease. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

5 best photo editing apps

We all have become photographers in this digital age. What sets apart most casual smartphone and tablet photographers are the editing apps they use. If your tablet malfunctions just when you're about to take the perfect picture, services like Asus Tablet Repairs will be perfect for you then. The editing apps come in a wide variety of functions and features. Check out the top 5 editor apps available on Android and iOS.

This free editor boasts over 2 million permutations of effects, filters and overlays along with an auto-fix feature to balance colours. You can put together collages with options for background, spacing and layout. You can combine together two pictures or more and create unique looks using double exposure. Add captions and text to emphasise story and share to the social media of your choice with a few taps.

This fully functional and professional editor is developed by Google. You can predictably tweak native camera files and the unique ‘Control Point’ technology allows you to assign different enhancements to 8 points on the screen. The HDR scape function gives you a multiple exposure effect and you can assign vignettes, lens blur or boost details in selective shadows, midtones and highlights. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
This app is crafted from Photoshop level technology and allows you to bring advanced editing options to your tablet or smartphone. A built in camera app offers you more freedom from one tap presets to advanced options. As the photos are captured in DNG format, specially created pre-sets can be applied. You can revert back to your original photo after heavy editing with one tap and these can be copied across photos too.

Filterstorm Neue
This app allows you to edit with masking tools and pre-loaded filters. Curves and masking allow dodging and burning of photos. A 10 step undo process, IPTC Metadata and sets as well as code replacement will appeal to the technically sound.

This impressive app offers precise control over most of the standard editing options. You can doodle and write on your images as well as add decals and special effects. You can overlay two pictures using the Photo Mixer while the Clone/ Heal tool allows you to efficiently remove defects.

Of course, you can also damage your devices while trying to get that amazing click to edit. Don't throw your device away if you do, try out Asus Replacement Parts for a quick solution.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Netflix announces much-awaited offline feature 

We've always pursued new and better forms of entertainment as citizens of the Internet. There have been various sites to satisfy our movie and TV watching needs as well. We've even made specific accessories to help us watch media better like the phone cover cum holder that keeps the phone in an upright position which allows us to watch our screens while lying down. HTC accessories are useful here, as HTC phones usually have big screens for comfortable viewing. 

And now, we have more good news regarding our favourite movies and TV shows. The ultimate streaming site for popular productions, Netflix has announced that it is now allowing TV and movie downloads for subscribers. All the content will now be available to download and watch online. Movie buffs and binge watchers can celebrate as the option is provided with the latest update. You'll need iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.2 or higher to avail this feature though.

You need to update your app to get started with saving media content. After doing that, click the Download Now button in the title page and on the Netflix menu. There are only some select titles available for download at the moment. Fortunately, its big name programming is included like Orange is the New Black and Narcos. For easy access, you can get a compiled list of all downloadable media by tapping the Available for Download button. 

Users can get TV shows on an episode basis. You can choose what quality you'd prefer to download. The standard option would give you files that take up less space, but have moderate quality. Higher quality would give you HD resolution shows and movies. Incidentally, Canadian residents can make use of the aforementioned accessories through HTC accessories

After your program has been saved, you can watch it anytime under the My Downloads tab even if you're not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Remember that both streaming and downloading burns through roughly the same amount of data, so downloading could be more useful. Unfortunately, Android only lets you save to internal storage and not your SD card. 

The good news is you can clear up space by deleting watched content using the Edit and delete option in My Downloads. T Mobile customers already have it lucky as the Binge On option allows them stream nonstop Netflix without massive data usage. This puts all users on a par with them so if you have any phone malfunctioning, and particularly in the media friendly HTC, HTC phone repair is the way to go.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

What you thought you knew but didn't about cell phone repair

Cell phone repair is a confusing affair at times. A lot of people claim they know how to do it, but what do you absolutely have to know about this service? Well...

1)    Only certified technicians can fix my phone:

You do need to have experience to fix a phone and technicians can gain experience by using the vast resources available today. Certification can be obtained only from private cell phone repair courses. Some people need to be certified, but distinguished professionals can be found through word of mouth or online reviews.

2)    My warranty will be voided if a third party repairs my phone:

An iPhone or Samsung phone with a broken screen is already warranty voided. Retailers will try and convince you to replace it. However, going to an iPhone screen repairMississauga shop will not void the phone warranty and repairing it will be cheaper than replacing it most of the time.

3)    Repairing my phone will cost too much money:

The actual cost varies based on location, but the repair is usually worth it once you learn how much the value of your device is. Industry reports state that an iPhone 6 costs 179$ which is a small price to pay for a device that adds a lot to your life.

4)    You’re charging 200$ to fix a 100$ phone?

The value of flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone is greatly underestimated. A steal like 199$ over two years affects how we perceive the cost of the device. The parts are of high quality and have to be replaced sometimes leading to this revelation.

5)    My cell phone is beyond repair:

It isn't, you'll see.

6)    I can fix my device myself, just need some research:

While self-sufficiency is something to be encouraged, you should be an experienced or extremely confident person to try this. The process is harder than it looks and a technician might be able to get a tour disassembled phone working again but it will be frustrating and time consuming. Let the professional do their job.

7)    Phone repair shops are shady places and their employees aren't certified:

The industry as a whole shouldn't be seen as bad because of a few bad eggs. 90% of phone repair shops are owned independently small business shops that thrive on community reputation. As the first point mentioned, there are ways to detect untrustworthy shops. The industry is at the most, filled with experienced technicians who love to help people. So, find an iPhone repairMississauga shop and get your phone repaired.