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Monday, 19 September 2016

Know Your Latest LG Phone: LG G7 Detailed Reviews

LG G5 is one of the biggest makings of LG till now. This is nothing like LG G4; rather it comes with loads of appreciable specification and is somewhat like Samsung Galaxy but in a completely different manner. So, let’s see to it from the point of view of LG phone repair Canada technicians:

 lg parts

LG G5 Display is of 5.3 with Quad HD Resolution that is what people were looking forward to. Adding to this you will not have to unlock it again and again just to see the date and time as it really never goes to sleep. You heard right, even if it is locked, you will get to see the time, date, and notification item. However, the notification doesn’t only show the calls and messages; it comes with everything that pops out on the phone. Also, there is no choice of font and style to beautify your home screen.

Processor and performance
Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, LG G5 offers a slick performance. The 4GB of RAM makes the browsing quicker and smoother. Talking about the storage, it has the capacity of 32GB and offers expandable memory with Micro-SD card slot that supports up to 200GB storage. Connectivity is a strong point here with 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of 4.2 with aptX, and LG. The two noticeable additions in it are Type-C USB port9 and a fingerprint scanner. According to the LG parts Canada providers, even when you touch it from awkward angles, it is going to work for sure.

Battery Life
GS offers Quick Charge 3.0 so that you can fill it in less time. If we go by calculation, 80% of it will be done in just 30 minutes which is quite good for it. With a modest cell of a 2800mAh, it is not that bad. For light users, it will surely last for at least 2 days. As an added benefit, the battery here is removable and can be availed from LG Canada parts providers.

Launched with a dual-camera setup, this one gives a different taste with varying capabilities. One is 8Mp with a wide angle of 135 degrees and the other is 16Mp with regular field view. On the front, you can shoot a 1080p video with 8MP camera. Adding to it, you will get a nice camera app filled with the awesomeness of thrilling features and plenty of modes.

Bottom Line is – The launch has been great for LG as it has taken a step forward to the real Smartphone world. However, when compared to Samsung S7 and iPhone 6s, it stays a little behind.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

5 iPhone Tricks everyoneshould know about

iPhone owners have the habit of keeping their precious purchase with them every moment. To be true, there is hardly any moment when you stay away from your phone whether it is the gym or washrooms. In the modern day, you need to be around your cell phone for the whole day and that is why you need to know the right tricks to handle the phone efficiently. iphonerepair Mississauga To help you out, here we have some of the great tricks and tips:

Disable Message Preview
The message keeps coming on the phone with a notification causing a hindrance in the privacy. Fortunately, iPhone brings a way out of this trouble. Go to the Setting buttons; from there click on the Notification, Message, and then click Show Preview. Tap on it to turn it off and you can prevent the message preview. This makes the work a lot easier states the iPhone parts Canada provider.

Stop the music on a timer
Some of us have the habit to hear lullaby for a healthy night’s sleep and this lullaby comes in the form of your favorite music.  However, this can be annoying when you have to stop the music in the middle night. iPhone eliminates this trouble by allowing you to set the music on a timer. Go to the clock, select the timer and select when you want the timer to end. Let the music start, it will end automatically when the timer goes off.

View the sent and received photos
Searching for a specific photo your friend has sent is troublesome as you have to look through a bulk of the photo. Just open the message thread and from the top right corner, select the Details button. By clicking here you can directly reach the images.

Multitask in the email
Writing an email on the phone can be a real hassle as you have to go back and forth. With iPhone, this rather gets simpler as you can just drag the message you want to write down.  Whenever you want to re-open the email, tap at the bottom and it will open up for you. This one trick makes the work a lot easier says the iPhone parts provider.

Share your location with

There are times when you instantly want to share your location with your friends. By getting an iPhone, you can do it in simple ways. Share your location by selecting the “Details” in the top right corner of the message thread. From here you can select “Send My Location” option. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

3rd Generation LCD Screen Separator for Cell Phone Repair

Most of the customers visit a cell phone technician inquiring about the prices of cell phones or iPad Screen Repair Toronto. Well, let’s be frank that most of the broken screen complaintsare about tablet repairs and technicians spend hours in fixing it to perfectness. The work would have been easier for them if they had the right equipment. Perhaps this was the simple thought behind the birth of this 3rd Generation LCD Screen Separator for cell phone repair.

With this new tool in possession, screen repair job will be easier than ever and you will be also able to offer the best repair of phone as well as ipad parts. The great part about this separating tool is, it is very easy to use and accomplishes the whole repair steps on the count of your fingers.

 Have a look at the features:
This 3rd Generation LCD Separator works on the voltage of 110v-220v. The core functionality of the system is operating the LCD front glass screen and this is the most viable option in the market because of its practical and economic values. Fast and efficient, this LCD separator is a perfect choice for the Samsung, iPhone, HTC, lg phone repair Canada.

Its functionality depends on the Vacuum system inside it. The whole process includes the sucking the LCD down to the hot plate, hence saving a lot of time. Created with perfection this is good for all the Samsung S series, iPhone series, and Nokia, LG, and HTC phone. All you have to do is just put the LCD on heat panel and switch on the Vacuum Pump. From here you separate the glass and the LCD is firmly fixed to the panel. The Vacuum LCD separator is equipped with four bearings and that is what makes it more efficient and smooth to handle.

One great part is you can avail it at a very cheap price of 149.99. Usually, this is the repair price of a damaged phone and you can buy it at this rate only. Altogether, along with the great functional value, it does offer a remarkable economic value. So, get this one now and make your iPhone screen repair in Mississauga easier as well as efficient. 

You can look for other cell phone repair tools that can dramatically improve your work efficiency.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How to Promote Your Mobile Repair Business

Are you running a cell phone repair business without a website? Well, that’s really not happening. Perhaps you are working on the most advanced technology in the lamest way. It is difficult to make a position in the world that completely runs on devices like laptops and cellphones. The growing competition is so tough that your first step should be making your business compatible to the online world. So, this will be your beginning and in your way, you have to take care of various other things too and these are:

A responsive Web Site
Get a responsive website to suit the various kinds of devices available. Cellphones, tablets, and iPads, there are several kinds of devices in the market. According to a survey, more than 70% of the browsing are done via cell phones only and in order to rank higher in Google, you have to make sure that your website reacts well to the cell phones. No matter you are dealing with Asustablet parts, Asus replacement parts, and any other phone repair business.

Social Media
You must be having your Facebook account, then why not your business? Utilize the social media platforms and you can take your business to new heights. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, there are several social media sites that can help you promote your business.It is a way to create trust among the visitors. Link your website to the existing websites giving an ultimate start to your business.

Email settlers might be an old trick in the online marketing, but it holds equal importance till date. Never ever miss the contact database of your customers; instead, you should concentrate on leveraging it to a great extent. Create some of the interesting mail broadcast and stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis.

No matter what kind of business you have, blogging always work as the best means of promotion. Consider generating blogs that are informative and provide information that the customers are looking forward to. Even if the reader is not a regular customer, your regular posts will encourage them to be one.

Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank higher in the search engine. Working according to SEO guidelines will simply guide you according to the Google Algorithms. Some of those tricks will be following responsive web design techniques and other promotion tricks.

Take advantage of these tricks and from here you can see your business flourish.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Greet Your Customers at Your iPod Canada Store

Someone said that if you don’t treat your customers with the best, someone else will do. This clearly means that if you are not able to maintain your customer base with efficiency, then it can be difficult to win their loyalty. So, the first and the most important trick to attract a huge base of customers are– greeting them too often. For the owner of a store selling iPhone parts Toronto, it should be the first step. Greet your customers in a way that they love to visit your store again and again.
If you are not convinced by the power of greeting, then you must look below:

Boost the Sales
You never know that the customer who came to your iPod Canada store for a normal repair also requires other iPod parts. This will not be known until you talk to him on a friendly note. Anticipating their requirements and asking about their necessities will represent a concern towards them and might even build a long-term relationship. 95% of the customers love to visit a shop where they are greeted in a friendly tone. However, while inquiring about their problem, you don’t have to be too pushy. The key is in making them feel that you are there to solve all their tech issues.

Increasing Awareness
Humans have the tendency of undying curiosity and they take the path that quenches their thirst. So, if you are able to satisfy them with your informative, yet witty answers, they are like to visit your Apple parts Canada store again and again. Not just this, even you will get to learn things that are going to be valuable for your skill. So, slow down and involve in a quick conversation with your customers.

Referral System
You must have heard of the Umber referral tricks. This multi-billion company is counted as the best example of growth hacks and the credit of its success is partially given to its referral policy. So, if you treat your customers well, it will enable the word of mouth marketing.

Eventually, it is all about the success of your repair business that comes at no cost at all. So, take a cue from her and move ahead with your marketing strategy.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 Best Smartphone to Consider In 2016

Talk about this year’s winner and Samsung, Apple, and LG has been on the top, selling some of the most fabulous handsets of the time. Not to forget the Google Nexus, Sony, and HTC as even they banged the market with some remarkable sets of cellphone.
Let’s see, which 5 smartphones are ruling the year 2016:

1.      iPhone 6S
Although this one was launched in September 2015, the sales hit the max in 2016. With a variety of new features in the S series, Apple again managed to lure its customers. A force-sensitive touch screen, 12-megapixel rear and front facing cameras, Apple’s a9 chip and much more was accounted in the new iPhone 6S. With the sleek touch and the appealing app named Siri, this one can be called as the phone of the year. This is not it, Apple is soon going to launch its new model in the form of iPhone 7 and according to the iPhone repairMississauga providers, the expectation is quite high this time.

2.      Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung remained the only rival of the iPhone 6 this year, giving strong competition with its hot and sleek model Galaxy S7. Known as the most capable smartphone on the market, it has brought back some old favorites. Samsung parts Canada New features with this phone are – the 12-megapixel setup, the new Micro SD card slot, and the IP68 water and Dust proofing. Appreciated for its display Samsung S7 is no different, the 5.1ins offers absolutely stunning image display. Last but not the least; buy this phone for its excellent performance in the form of Snapdragon 820 processor.

3.      LG G5
For those who want to taste a different flavor of a smartphone, the LG G5 is the perfect pick. To be specific it’s a modular phone that can be customized according to user’s choice. The customization allows removing the battery and adding new ones or additional camera hardware can also be attached. As for the size, it is 5.3 ins with Snapdragon 820 Processor.

4.      Google Nexus 6P
Even though it is not giving competition to Samsung and iPhone, its competitive price for a flawless functioning makes it a prime option for smartphone this year. With the Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, it even displays 12.3-megapixel cameras.

5.      HTC 10
HTC 104 is the best Smartphone created by the Taiwanese brand till date. The key features are Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM, removable card slot, and 12-megapixel. From the lovely representation to the smooth process, this one is worth a buy.

So, this was the list from Mississauga iPhone repair service providers. Tell us your favorite of the year.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 iPhone Trick That You Didn’t Know Existed

iPhone 6 come with various exciting features, yet the users are unaware of some fun tricks and amazing shortcuts. To let you enjoy to the fullest, the service providers of iPhone repair in Mississauga have some great tricks for you:

1.   Custom iMessage replies
Busy or just don’t want to pick up the call, iOS allows you to reach back to the customers in time. Varying for each iOS, you will have to either swipe the phone icon or touch the message button. Usually, there are three pre-written services. For any customization, go to Setting – Phone – Respond With Text. The wordlimit is three only and if you need to add more, sacrifice the existing one.

2.   Remind me later
Not just messaging, your iOS will also remind you of your calls. Above the slide, you have the Remind Me button and all you have to do is just click on it. There are two options, “When I Leave” and “When I get Home”. Enter proper address details and keep your GPS movements on. Timing will be based on the GPS movements, so, set the reminder according to your need.So, when you will leave mississauga iphone repair store, it will remind you at that moment or after one hour as per the scheduling. 

3.  Take photos while shooting video
Snap and videos, both in one go? Yes, it is possible and all you have to do is – Just tap the camera button on the screen along with the shutter button as you film. However, you should be aware that the video quality will be compromised a bit, yet the photos are going to be pretty nice.

4.   Do not disturb mode
Trying to concentrate on your work or going for a quick nap, turn on your do not disturb feature. Go to Settings - Do Not Disturb and if you find it to be a comparatively lengthy process, then activate it from the home screen that lies above the home screen. Once, the Do Not Disturb mode has been activated, all the calls and notifications will be received in silent mode that too without annoying you. For all the providers of iPhone partsCanada, this works very well and so will for you.

5.       Quickly add symbols
Using the iPhone’s keyboard is much easier that you would have ever imagined. Instead of tapping on the 123 button, again and again,  tap and hold the 123 button and then slide and select the symbol. Once done, release it. There you are, instead of three clicks, there is just one quick step and you are done with it.

Get going and start using your phone in a much better and smarter way now.